Thanks to Precious, I felt like I was my most beautiful on my wedding day. Aside from her professional training and vast experience in the make-up industry, what I like about Precious is that she listens and considers what you want and what you are comfortable with. With her, you do not just get the full beauty package, you get a support system: she will call to remind you to relax and get enough sleep; try to keep a positive atmosphere during preparations and protect you from last-minute stress; constantly check up on you and sit with you in the bridal car when everyone else is already inside the church; and check your overall look just before you walk down the aisle, making sure that not one hair strand is out of place. She is a perfectionist and extremely hygienic, and I think this is something every bride (or anyone else for that matter) should look for in a make-up artist. You will not see a cracked powder or broken eyeshadow in her kit and all her accessories are clean and organized. Her brushes smell good too, which means they are regularly washed. With my experience with her, I can say that Precious is truly passionate about what she does and I believe that is an important criteria when searching for people you can entrust your wedding day to.
Aizel Acayan-Villaruz