Precious was such a joy to have on my wedding day! She was actually the first one who showed up in my bridal suite – I had a quick breakfast at the cafe of the hotel room and when I went back upstairs, there she is, completely ready and excited to make me look my best! I love that she was there exactly on time, honestly, seeing her was a refreshing reminder that “today was the big day!”

Precious and I met through a common friend, but I only found out that she is a make up artist through social media – her beautiful brides weren’t hard to miss! I sent her an email and from her response, I immediately felt very comfortable with her. Very easy going, flexible and you can really sense that she is very passionate about her craft.

Precious never left my side from when I saw her in my bridal suite, to the pictorials, to the wedding ceremony up until my second look for my wedding reception. No kidding – she was checking on not just my make up, but kept me calm the entire time. My most memorable moment with her was when I was about to walk down the aisle – she even helped me change my shoes in the middle of my very long walk! Having her around as I wait for my turn to walk was such a relief! Even while she was doing my second look, she made sure I was eating something! She literally went above and beyond what’s expected of her and honestly, I can’t imagine having any other make up artist besides her. She was one of the people that indeed made my wedding extra extra special.
Arlene Sanares-Wu