Precious did a great job! And if you’re like me, you’d think that it’s normal for a makeup artist to do great. I’m the type of person who thinks that all makeup artists are the same, but believe me when I tell you that she was great! First of all, my makeup stayed on the whole day. I just recently heard about horror stories from friends that their makeup melted even before entering the church. Looking back, Precious gave me something so valuable – she gave me one less thing to worry about.. My face. And that’s a BIG DEAL. Her makeup was flawless even in photos. She kept me at ease. She was very warm and very accommodating. She also gave me the best brows! Not too heavy, and it wasn’t orange or red. If you’ve had experience with other make up artists, you would know what I mean. You won’t be afraid to tell Precious what you want for your make up because we all have that “look” we’re going for and she made it come to life.
Betsy Castaneda-Dungo