It is quite an understatement to say Precious is a major lifesaver. I’ve had my fair share of makeup done horribly on me, and it almost always concerned my eyebrows. Case in point, when I met Precious last 31 May 2010 (yes, I remember the exact day), she took one look at my surly clownish face, and right away started fixing the rainbow-caked mess the other “artist” left on my face. I knew right then and there that Precious is a definite keeper.

Pre has undoubtedly set the bar high, as she is always consistent and very professional. She listens to what you want, and she will never hesitate to tell you if something will not look good on you. The makeup is always effortlessly done – always natural but never too safe to use a surprising color combo. She takes pride of her OC-ness, which is something I greatly appreciate as she really takes time to clean her brushes/tools, never double dips, and always uses quality products. But the thing I most love about her is that she has a good kind heart that complements her unwavering dedication and passion towards her work – to the point that she will make it her own personal mission to ensure you are happy and beautiful.

The decision to get Precious for my prenup and wedding day was a no brainer. Together with Ate Isabel and Ate Elsie, the execution was nothing short of perfect, as always. Gillian Chua-Lucero