One of the greatest blessings I continually count for our wedding preparations, was finding Precious. I was a very happy bride because we had her – a person who’s so talented, dependable and professional. I was really awed when we had a few sessions prior to the wedding. She really got the ‘best-you’ look down pat. Just when I thought she did a really great job already, oh you can count on Precious to find more ways to enhance what to my mind was already ‘best’. I love how she’s so meticulous in her craft – finding the right formulation for a bride’s skin type, choosing beautiful hair accents and even teaching me how to hold the bouquet. Another thing that I love and commend about Precious is how she genuinely cares for her brides, always making sure they look and feel great at the same time. It’s just a priceless feeling knowing that someone is there looking out for you. As a #preciousbride, I truly felt that and I will always appreciate her for taking good care of me. Thank you so much Precious for making sure I had a beautiful time walking down the aisle.
Madel Baljon-Lim