I’m the type of girl who doesn’t wear make up on a daily basis but on special occasions, I’d like to look stunning! If there is one thing that has to be absolutely right on your wedding day, it’s your make up. A beautiful wedding day all starts with having the perfect professional make up artist. Precious is always on the dot, well organized, and has a calm demeanour. She made me feel relaxed on the morning of my engagement photoshoot and wedding day. Because of her, I have been confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Everyone was complimenting how well it looked in person and in the photos. Her amazing talent and passion for make up leaves you feeling and looking great. The quality of her work is pleasingly ingenious and simple. I was impressed that Precious was able to pull off the look I wanted for my wedding – understated elegance. It looks natural and I was happy at how smooth and radiant my skin was. I couldn’t thank you enough Precious. You are so good at what you do!
Nina Fajardo-Pascasio