Precious is a MUST-HAVE for your wedding. She is every bride’s fairy godmother who can transform you into something out of a movie and create magic with her amazing and natural talent! More than being the best at what she does, what really stood out for me was that she went above and beyond her duties on my big day. On our way out to the ceremony venue, one of the lace sleeves from my dress snapped and broke. One side of my dress was frayed and hanging limply. Panic immediately hit me on top of all the anxiety I was already feeling, but Precious was quick to jump in and let me know that everything was going to be okay and that she would take care of me. Like a real fairy godmother, she busted out her sewing kit and fixed my dress on the spot, sewing away in my bridal car! Precious, thank you so much. I admire your professionalism and warmth, your calming voice and ability to improvise, and the abundant love and respect that you give not just to your clients, but to your own team. I think that is what separates you from everyone else. I would love to work with you again.
Trisha Quema-La Chica