Precious has amazing skills! She can make you look your natural best on your wedding day and keep you at ease at the same time. She helped me in more ways than one. She was almost like my Maid of Honor! She got down on her knees to sew the tail of my dress right before the reception and wiped my sweat away. I could easily say I would have not been as calm and collected without her. She has the lightest hand – you could barely feel her working her magic, especially for someone like me who freaks out at anything eye-related. She takes great pride in her work and admittedly a perfectionist. She will work on every single detail and make sure it is better than your trial session. In simpler words, she competes with her past self and makes sure you are her best work.

I highly recommend her. Her expertise on make-up for every face shape/color/age surpasses her years of experience. A rating wouldn’t do justice, especially for pictures you will have for a lifetime.
Yvina Dizon-Olalia