My Favorite Eyeliners

As a professional make up artist, it is crucial to have products that I can rely on to be long lasting and smudge-proof. I am always on the hunt for a product that not only works well and is decently priced, but also stays put throughout the day and requires minimal touchups, especially for my brides.

One product that is really important to achieve that all-day-fresh-faced-look is eyeliner. We’ve all been there ladies – the frustration (and shock) you get when you look in the mirror halfway through the day and you’re like.. WATDAH?!!

Raccoon Eyes!! I love Ellen by the way.

Your eyeliner is completely smudged and all over your cheeks. Ok fine, maybe all over your eyebags. No matter what make up tricks you learn along the way, or how many products you buy, you will always need some sort of touch up throughout the day to keep it looking flawless. Some of them thankfully, require less than others.

So which ones are they? There are so many wonderful eyeliners out there, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But the good news is, I have done the research for you!

Here are my top 4 favourite eyeliners that I currently use in my kit:

  1. MAC – Engraved

This is my go-to eyeliner for myself and my clients. If you’re looking for the absolute best smudge- proof eyeliner, look no further because this is it. As in, THIS IS IT!! It is super pigmented, creamy (but not messy), easy to apply and stays put throughout the day. I love it so much that I have it in Stubborn Brown too. It’s pretty much fail proof and I highly suggest you get one for yourself.

Mac engraved


  1. Make Up Forever – Aqua Eyes

If you’re looking for something as water-resistant as possible, this is your eyeliner. Make-Up Forever’s “Aqua” line is made to be waterproof. So if you tend to get teary eyed or if you’re planning a trip to the beach and want your eyeliner to stay put, this is a good one. They also make them in a variety of really fun colors, which is a plus if you tend to be more creative with your make up.

MakeUpForever aquaeyes

  1. Revlon – ColorStay Eyeliner

This is a great eyeliner if you’re on a budget. The price can’t be beat and it really does hold its own compared to its pricier counterparts. A convenient plus is that it has a twist top so there is no need for sharpening (one less thing to buy – YAY!). It’s great for someone who tends to rush and finish her make up in the car – no judgments here!

Revlon colorstay

  1. Bobbi Brown – Long Wear Eye Pencil

This eyeliner is super creamy. So much so that you’ll probably need to seal it with a black eyeshadow but once you do, it’ll stay in place and you’ll love how defined your eyes look. Think Victoria Beckham. You get the picture. If you’re doing dark smokey eyes, this is a great choice. It glides on smoothly too!

BobbiBrown longweareyepencil

Whew! That was hard. I literally skipped a million other eyeliners out there but hey, these 4 are my current  favorites talaga. Hopefully this has helped lead you in the right direction.

So for now, I’ll leave you with this..



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