#preciousbride Trish Quema-La Chica

Trish was based in San Francisco and wanted to meet me through Skype. I was nervous because what if (1) she doesn’t like my face  and (2) we have nothing to talk about. But oh my geez, she was an absolute charmer and talking to her didn’t feel like a stiff interview whatsoever. Yay!

She arrived 9 days before her wedding day and dropped by my studio for her trial make up and hair. I’m usually the one preparing merienda for my brides who come over but no, not this time.

Trisha walked in my place with a bag filled with goodies for me AND MY HUSBAND!!



Who does that???

Who gives pasalubong to someone she’s never met in her life and includes her husband and her entire team??

So of course, in my head, I’m thinking – I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

And that was the beginning of our friendship. (Note: You can buy me with food)

Here is Trish’s list of wedding suppliers:

Coordinator: Trina Aligada

Videographer: Derek Yee

Photographer: Bryan Venancio

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang

Florist: Dave Sandoval 

Church: Meditation Point, Kawayan Cove

Reception: Clubhouse, Kawayan Cove

That’s me pulling Trish’s right eye tight so I can do precise eyeliner. And no that doesn’t hurt.
Checking Trish’ make up before letting her slip into her wedding dress
She’s happy! Now off you go to your photoshoot.
Brows: MAC’s Espresso. It’s an eyeshadow but I use it for the brows. I damp my brow brush and load it with Espresso to get a more defined look. I like my brows soft but sharp. Did that make sense?
Eyeliner: MAC’s Stubborn Brown. It’s a pencil and I’ve been using it for 3 years. I like it a lot because it gives you definition without looking too matapang. Black eyeliners have a tendency to make you look older and that’s why I prefer brown eyeliners for my brides.
Lips: Vaseline Lip Therapy + MAC’s Ravishing. Always moisturize the lips before applying lipstick. It gets rid of the lines and makes your lips look youthful. It also makes the lipstick glide on smoothly. MAC’s Ravishing is 80% coral + 20% peach. Perfect for Trish’s skin tone.
That white silver shimmer you see at Trish’s tearducts is Bootycall and Suspect from Naked Palette #2.
Foundation: Temptu Airbrush Foundation. Flowers by Dave Sandoval.
Isn’t she beautiful? Hay. I really do fall in love with my brides 🙂
What a breathtaking set up by Dave Sandoval!! Dave if you’re reading this, you now I’m a fan of your work 🙂
Congratulations Trish and Cricket. I wish you a marriage more beautiful than your wedding 🙂





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