Product Review: Body Blender

Oh. Em. Gee!! What is this I see?


2 4Is this a black Beauty Blender? But why is it bigger? Baka for bigger faces? Is someone trying to imply that I have a big face? And why is it flat? Shouldn’t this look like an egg? Maybe it’s a flat egg? What is it doing in my home studio? Who sent this to me? How do I use this? What is going on? Is it Valentine’s day? Why do I have a gift?

Those were my exact thoughts as I found a black flat egg-shaped blender on top of my make up table at home. I gave myself a few minutes to absorb the wonderful surprise and went straight ahead to testing it without consulting the Internet. Everything you’re about to read is unguided product testing.

Here’s what happened, without researching about it online –

1st Trial

Just like how I would use the Beauty Blender, I placed it under running water until it grew in size. I got tissue paper and squeezed all excess water out. I got my Make Up Forever foundation and pumped a pea-size amount on my make up palette. I used my damp (not wet) Body Blender to apply the foundation at the back of my hand.

I have no idea why I chose the back of my hand. I guess I wanted to see if I could cover my veins.

Under running water.
Get tissue paper to squeeze excess water out.
Squeeze, Squeeze and Squeeze!
Viola! Here’s your damp Body Blender. Remember, it’s best to use it damp. Not wet.
Testing it with my foundation.

DSC08547 DSC08548 DSC08549Anyway, it worked perfectly! The foundation transferred easily and evenly. And since the Body Blender is bigger than the Beauty Blender, I am assuming I can work faster with it. Hooray for products that help me become more efficient!

2nd Trial

I have to think harder. It can’t possibly be just for foundation. Because why else would they create a new product if it will only do what the Beauty Blender can already do.

Mmm, maybe I can use it with my body illuminator? Let’s see!

That’s my favorite body tint balm. It gives your body a gold shimmer making it look healthy and dewy.
Use the Body Blender to apply your body balm/body illuminator unto any part of your body.
In my case, I chose to try it at the back of my hand. Check out that glow! That’s after 1 layer of application. I love how I can’t see any streaks.
Clearly, there are no visible streaks. I love how it looks natural. Can you see the shimmer? It’s beautiful. Now imagine that all over your legs and arms! I wonder if JLO does this to her skin. She’s always shining and shimmering on TV.

The Body Blender worked perfectly with my body balm/body illuminator. I am guessing it will also work well with self-tanners, body bronzers and lotions too. I also noticed that it didn’t absorb much of my body balm. If I had used my hands, I would’ve wasted so much product.

So should you buy it? Of course you should!

Here’s why:

  1. It’s bigger than the Beauty Blender which means you’ll cover more areas faster and quicker, at half the time you would with the Beauty Blender.
  2. You can use it with almost everything! You can use it to apply foundation on your face, self-tanners on your body and so much more.
  3. It delivers smooth, flawless coverage from HEAD to TOE.
  4. It keeps your hands clean because it’ll do the dirty work for you.
  5. If you’re a model or celebrity, you’re definitely going to need this for your photoshoots! If you’re joining Miss Universe, I highly recommend this product for the Swim Suit category.
  6. If you’re a mom (or not) and you’ve given birth a hundred time over and have unwanted stretch marks, this product will help you conceal those stretch marks with tinted body lotions.
  7. It’s perfect for body and face contouring, highlighting and sculpting.

Here are some questions I think you’re going to ask me:

1. Where can I buy the Body Blender?

The Body Blender can be bought in any Purebeauty store. There’s one at the 2nd floor of Serendra (02.846.9016), another one at the 2nd floor of Trinoma (02.954.2528) and another one at the 2nd floor of Glorietta (02.846.9016).

2. How much is it?

It is P1,495.00.

3. How do I clean it? How much is the cleaner? Where can I buy the cleaner?

You clean it with the Beauty Cleanser by Beauty Blender. It is P895.00 and it can be bought in any Purebeauty store.


I hope you enjoyed my product review on the Body Blender!

Thank you Purebeauty for sending me this amazing product!! For a moment I thought it was Valentine’s day. I wish you saw the look on my face when I first saw it 🙂 Priceless!!


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