You know you’re a Make Up Artist when..

My job as a freelance make up artist is constantly changing. I could be doing a photoshoot on Monday and a wedding on Saturday. I could be teaching on Tuesday and blogging on Friday. Every day is a new day. And my schedule is never the same.

I meet so many different people –

the sweet bride who writes me hand-written thank you notes

the BRIDE-ZILLA (insert kidlat sound effects here)

the eager student who wants to learn make up

the n-n-nervous mother of the bride

or the calm groom who doesn’t care what color the table linens will be

As tiring as the day can get, working on my feet all day, the benefit of having this fabulous job is that I am never bored and I can repeat clothes (I don’t see or work with the same people everyday).

I have so many funny stories from my 8 years of experience in the industry but the only people who get it are the other make up artists like me. I call them MA’PEOPLE. Because they just get it. They get the passion, the motivation to keep pushing yourself, the exhaustion and stress of it all. I’m sure if you put all of us together in one room, we’ll be laughing and laughing for hours!

Funny MUAs
This is me with Chinky and Ish. They are make up artists too! And we have so much fun when we work together.

So to all the make up artists out there, this one is for you.


1. You’re talking to a friend and feel so distracted by her make up. Whether it’s well done or not, it’s so hard to focus when all you want to do is examine her face! The struggle is real.
2. You have an addiction to buying more and more make up you don’t need! It’s a disease people.
3. The thought of having to clean up the mess that has become of your station after just doing 4 make up applications back to back has you like this.
4. You feel a sense of responsibility to your friends if their make up is smudged or if their eyebrows need a clean up.
5. You have to get awkwardly close to your client to make sure the details are perfect. By any means necessary right?!
6. When your client innocently asks for smokey eyes, and you have to explain the broad range. LOL!
7. You find the lashes you had taken out from one of your drunk nights and think it’s a spider in your bag!
8. You’re always trying to be on time for dinner but you have a friend you’re secretly annoyed at for always being late. She arrives with winged eyeliner and all of a sudden, you know why.
9. You have mini heart attacks watching your pressed powder or favorite eyeshadow drop in slow mo onto the hard ground! Pleasedontshatter! Pleasedontshatter!!!
10. You realize that concealer just isn’t going to cut it for your client.

Hope you’re laughing as hard as I am! Let’s continue to change the world one face at a time 🙂




4 responses to “You know you’re a Make Up Artist when..”

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAH!!! This is so funny and so true. I miss working on set with you Pre! Let’s go back to LA!

    1. I miss working with you too! Oh those were the days!! 🙂

  2. I’m a newbie in this industry. And i find your blog very helpful and fun to read. 🙂 sayang po di ko kayo naabutan sa MUD. I was also a student of ms. G way back 2015. 🙂 i am also learning here in your blog. Thanks for blogging. 🙂 and sharing your thoughts. Hope to work with you po. God Bless always

    1. Hi Mikko, what a small world! You were under Gina’s class? She’s such an amazing mentor. I can only dream to be half as good as her. Thanks for following my blog! Hope to meet you one day 🙂

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