My 3 Favorite Primers

Living in the world of YouTube tutorials and make up blogs, you no longer have to be a professional to learn good make up techniques. I would say the average person knows how to apply their make up pretty well, especially if they have an interest in the beauty world and do a little research now and then. Throw in some tutorials and a couple product reviews, and you’ve got the basics down. Of course you won’t be able to achieve the look an experienced and talented make up artist can, but for the most part you know your face.

I think it’s easy to do beautiful make up, especially when you have good skin. But what shows true skill is the ability to create a make up application that is durable throughout the day. And when I say durable, I mean 6-8 hours of stay put make up, the kind that doesn’t smear and turn oily.

There are tricks and tips to making your look last from 8am-8pm and one of the very first steps to creating durable make up is getting a good primer.

If you are cringing with the idea of spending another 2,000pesos on a primer then I am ashamed for you.


How much is your most expensive shoe?

How much is your most expensive bag?


See!! You’re so willing to spend on a shoe that touches all the dirt and grime of the world and on a bag that you get tired of the second it becomes off-season. But you’re not willing to spend on your face? Your one and ONLY face?

WHHHYYYYYY????? (Question marks everywhere)

Anyway, back to primers –

I’ve read a lot of make up advice out there saying primer isn’t really necessary and that moisturizing is enough.

That is a lie.

Don’t believe it.

You need to moisturize AND prime. Because having BOTH layers underneath your foundation keeps your skin soft and radiant, and your make up long-lasting and durable.

I’m telling you, it makes a difference – and I’ve got 8 years of experience to prove it.

Primers are not a one-size-fits-all product, some are made for oily or dry skin, designed matte or shiny, and others are made with a slight tint to them. It’s always wise to ask questions before buying a product to make sure it’s a good fit for your skin.

Anyway, here are my 3 favorite primers –

3 favorite primers

Lancôme La Base Pro- Hydra Glow 


  • Very very light


  • Dewy
  • best for normal to dry skin
  • best for dry, dull and flaky skin


  • P1,900.00 for a 25ml tube


  • Brightens skin with 2 types of pearl pigments, creating a dewy glow
  • Hydrating and brightening


  • Comes in a pink squeezable tube, great for travel due to small size
  • You may cut it open with scissors to scrape all of the product out


  • Has a pleasant scent but it tends to linger for a few minutes after being applied

Where to Buy

  • Rustans Makati
  • Rustans Shangrila Edsa
  • Rustans Alabang
  • Greenbelt

Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer


  • Medium


  • Shiny but absorbed
  • Best for normal to dry skin


  • $38.00 USD for a 30 mL bottle (can’t find one in Manila so I bought mine from Sephora, Los Angeles last April 2015)


  • Fills in wrinkles and pores
  • Creates a smooth canvas for foundation
  • Since it’s a hybrid between a Primer and an Anti-Aging serum, it fills in fine lines AND corrects visible signs of aging
  • Nourishes and repairs skin


  • Squeezable bottle with twist top
  • Ensuring no wasted product at the bottom (you can squeeze out everything)


  • Labeled fragrance free but in my opinion has a slight citrus scent

Where to Buy

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage


  • Medium
  • Silky gel like texture, almost feels like silicone but not quite


  • Matte
  • Best for oily to normal skin


  • P1,700 for a 50 ml bottle


  • Designed to control oil and soften skin
  • Comes in 2 shades: yellow (best for deep skin tones) and pink (best for fair skin tones)


  • Bottle is a press pump, making it difficult to empty out
  • You won’t be able to scrape the bottom of it


  • Fragrance free with no obvious scent

Where to Buy

  • Rustans Makati
  • Rustans Shangrila Edsa
  • Rustans Alabang
  • Greenbelt
  • Eastwood
  • Rockwell
  • Mall of Asia
  • Trinoma

Ok girls, hope this has helped you make up your mind. With all the options out there, I know it can get overwhelming. Read, research and ask! That’s the only way to buy the right products for your skin type.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite primer is or if you’ve tried any of my 3 favorite primers.


4 responses to “My 3 Favorite Primers”

  1. Thank you Pre, this was very helpful! Which primer would you recommend for someone with oily, acne prone skin? Also, which moisturizer would you recommend to accompany the primer?

    1. Hi Marie, try the MAC Prep and Prime. It works best with oily skin. You can try Clinique’s moisturiser- it’s very light and will work with with the MAC Prep and Prime.

  2. Hi Pre! I love your new blog! It’s refreshing in the sense that the layout is clean and the blog post is concise. : )

    As to the primer, have you tried Lancôme LA BASE PRO Perfecting Makeup Primer? What can you say about this?

    Also wondering if you know the effect if I use a serum instead of a moisturizer under MAC Prep and Prime?

    Thanks for your input!

    1. Hi Jaycelle, thank you for the kinds words! I hope to write more often – MUST.PUSH.MYSELF.
      Anyway, Yes! I have the Lancome La Base Pro Perfecting Make Up Primer. It is amazing for 3 reasons
      (1) It’s creamy so it’s perfect for my dry skin (if you’re oily, don’t use this)
      (2) My skin absorbs it very quickly, making it easier and faster for me to get to my foundation application, and
      (3) It fills in my pores and smoothens out my fine lines.

      You can use a serum under the MAC Prep and Prime. Let your skin absorb at least 80% of the serum before applying the primer.
      Hope I was able to help 🙂 Let me know if you have other questions!

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