#preciousbride Kakin Santos-Lacson

I met Kakin through my friend Jolene (thanks for the recommendation Jo). And the day Kakin came over for her trial make up was also the day my ENTIRE house was filled with loud laughter and joy! Para sang may buhat na speakers, her voice echoed at every corner of my house. She had soooo much to say, maybe 2,000 words a minute. And no, that’s not an exaggeration. It worked to my advantage because I didn’t have to say a word. She did all the talking while I did her make up. And I like that! (Revelation: It’s awkward when my client is super quiet, I feel like she’s secretly judging my every move. I like it better when my clients talk, I feel more comfortable and at ease.)

We got along so well and boy that’s a relief. My work has to match the style of the bride but more than that, I believe the make up artist and the bride should actually like each other. Because really, I’m going to be .01mm from your face and if you don’t like me, that’s going to be annoying.

Thank you for all the unexpected outburst of laughter, Kakin. My team and I enjoyed every second with you.

Here is Kakin’s list of wedding suppliers:

Coordinator: Jojit Dy

Videographer: Jason Magbanua

Photographer: NYAPS

Wedding Dress: Sassa Jimenez

Florist: Nikita Sambile

I asked Kakin to expose her decolletage (pronounced as DEC-LA-TAY) so I can airbrush her chest, shoulders and collar bone too. She was radiant from her beach trip but I had to make sure her tan was spread even all over her face and body.
#preciousbrideKakin copy
50% real tan from the beach + 50% bronze airbrush = this glowing look!!
See, she’s really always smiling and laughing! I love happy brides!


Tip: Betadine, when sprayed all over the body with an airbrush gun, can duplicate this bronze look.
Carrot Bride 2
Disclaimer: If you try it and end up looking like a carrot, please don’t blame me.
Kakin Entourage
Wedding dress and entourage dresses by Sassa Jimenez. Her number is +63927.241.6977.

Kakin20 No, Airbrush Make Up does NOT transfer onto clothing. In this photo you’ll see it hasn’t transferred onto the veil. Yay!!

Blessed Sunday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my blog 🙂




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