Product Review: Make Up Forever ULTRA HD Foundation

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation.

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is buying it. Seriously.

I know many of you don’t wear foundation everyday, I don’t too but on special occasions like weddings, parties and reunions, I need my foundation. Emphasis on NEED.

Here’s why it’s pretty cool to wear foundation –

  1. It covers blemishes and discoloration. It gives your skin a nice and even toned texture and glow.
  2. Makes you look well rested even if you’ve only slept for 3 hours (raise your hand if you’re overworked and underpaid)
  3. Makes you look younger. And who doesn’t want to look younger?
  4. This one I got from Google: “Foundation can give a more enhanced and professional look which can improve the reception the wearer receives from society” –> Ano daw?? What it really means: If you are single and looking for a boyfriend, you must wear foundation.
  5. It can add to your confidence because when you look good, you feel good

So unless you’ve got the skin of an angel, it’s smart to own a good bottle of foundation.

I have 3 favorite brands of foundation. I will reveal the other 2 in my next post but for now, let’s talk about the new Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation.


I called my friend Kris Bacani of Make Up Forever and asked her to explain this madness to me. Of course I had to know about it ASAP, it’s all over my Instagram feed.

MUFE 3 2
That’s Kris. She’s got red hair and I like it. She also studied in Make Up Designory (same school as mine) but went to the New York branch.

Here’s what I’ve gathered from Kris –

(I can’t believe I’m interviewing people now. Karen Davila in the house. )

1. What is the difference between the new Ultra HD foundation and the old HD foundation?

The new Ultra HD foundation still has the key ingredients found in the old HD foundation but it has now the 4k Complex which has 3 more main ingredients:

  1. Pure Focus Pigments: Contains light reflecting particles that provide invisible coverage
  1. Radiance Boosters: Contains plant extract that makes skin brighter
  1. Hyaluronic Spheres: Hyaluronic acid that allows skin to be continuously moisturized

In short, the new Ultra HD foundation is creamier and more pigmented but is more invisible and smoother on the skin. To cover your entire face, you will need 2 pumps of the old HD foundation while you will only need 1 pump of the new Ultra MUFE foundation.

It is also now more forgiving on dry skin since it has moisturizing properties and the finish is more dewy. Hyaluronic acid is also a common ingredient in anti aging products, so technically, you’re concealing blemishes while preventing aging.

As for the price, surprisingly it is more affordable at P2,700 compared to P2850 before. The reason for this is that there is greater demand for the new Ultra HD foundation so MUFE is able to produce in bigger quantities.

The new Ultra HD foundation also has a whopping 40 shades! There’s also a new numbering system for the shades, it now starts with either Y or R – Y for yellow undertones and R for red undertones. The old numbering system is still visible at the bottom of the bottle so that the loyal HD users won’t be confused.

It looks like this: 120 (old code) =  Y245 (new code)

Bottom of MUFE bottle
This is how the bottom of the new Ultra HD foundation looks like. You will find 2 codes/numbering system. It just shows that the old 120 shade is now Y245.

2. What is the same about it?

It still comes in the same pump bottle, but the difference is the silver metal ring in the middle. It also has a tighter grip for the cap so the cap doesn’t easily fall off.

Old and New MUFE comparison
The bottle to the left is the old one while the bottle to the right (with the silver ring) is the new one. All old codes/numbering system have no letters to it while the new ones have a letter at the beginning of the numbers.

You can still apply it with your hands, sponge or foundation brush. There are 3 brushes you can try, each one will give you a different finish –

  1. Stippling/Blending Foundation Brush
Brush #122. $48 or P2,256-P2,556. For sheer coverage.
  1. Buffer Foundation Brush
Brush #154. $44 or P2,068-P2,368. For medium coverage.
  1. Large Flat Foundation Brush
Brush #108. $38 or P1,786-P2,086. For full coverage.

3. Is it better than the old one?

Of course! If the old HD foundation was tested with HD cameras, the Ultra HD foundation was tested with Ultra HD cameras with 4k Technology. Meaning, it’s tested under 4x clearer and brighter screens, and 4x the color and number of pixels. That’s how rigid the testing is.

4. Is it for oily, normal, or dry skin? What about sensitive skin?

It is ideal for all skin types. If you’re oily, pair it with the Step One Mattifying Primer. If you’re dry, pair it with Step One Hydrating. It is non-comodogenic so it can be used for sensitive skin.

matt primer
For oily skin. Try not to put so much on your face. Focus on your T-zone area since that’s usually the part that gets oily the fastest.
hydrating primer
For dry skin. Focus on the dry parts of your face. Rub it in well for best results.

So what are you waiting for? Drop by Make Up Forever to buy yourself a bottle of good foundation.

I bought 3 bottles for my pro kit. It’s 2,700 a bottle.
I got my items and I’m excited to use it on my clients!
I like how MUFE’s paper bag is hard and sturdy. I also like how it’s clean and simple in design.

Here are the 4 branches in Metro Manila:

Trinoma +63915.990.9571

Level 1, Trinoma


SM Megamall +632 631 5681

2nd Level, Mega Fashion Hall, Building D


Greenbelt 3 +632 621 5248

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3


SM Mall of Asia +63917.273.4805

2nd Level, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia

L-R: Gina Desuasido, Chinky Tanjangco and Me. This was at the MUFE SM Megamall branch.

If you’re going to the Greenbelt branch, text me! I might have some free time to meet up with you.





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  1. Christina C avatar
    Christina C

    Hi Precious! Been following on IG for awhile now and I love your work. This post is really helpful too! Thanks for doing what you do and more power 🙂

    1. Thank you Christina! Such kind words, I appreciate it a lot 🙂

  2. I just discovered your blog and it’s very helpful! 🙂 More blog posts please. 🙂

    1. Hi Aika, how did you hear about my blog? Yes, I promise to try and blog more this January 🙂

  3. What are the 3 shades that you bought? 🙂

    1. Hi Jem, I bought Y245 Soft Sand, R250 Beige Nude and R370 Medium Beige. I heard that Y385 Neutral Beige is also a good color to have. Enjoy shopping!

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