Product Review: Lancome’s L’Absolu Velours

Intense Color. Matte Finish. Highly Pigmented. Long-Lasting. Hydration.

Aren’t those words music to your ears? If my ears could, it would kick out my head between them and clap away.

I discovered that Lancome’s L’absolu Velours (don’t be intimidated, I can’t pronounce it either) is perfect for girls who hate retouching. I don’t know about you but I hate retouching my make up and retouching the make up of my brides and clients. Maybe I’m lazy but hey, you can’t judge me for being honest. Besides, after standing for 8 years, you can’t blame this make up artist.

So when Lancome came out with L’Absolu Velours, I felt like God answered my prayer. Do you remember when you were single and you kept praying for God to send you The One? You go to mass every Sunday and pray. You light a candle at church and pray. You pray, pray and pray. And then suddenly He sends you THE ONE! That’s exactly how I felt when I discovered Lancome’s L’absolu Velours!! What a relief!! Goodbye retouch.

For me, if it’s not going to stay on for at least 4-6 hours, what’s the point? Hassle kaya to always pull out your compact mirror and retouch in front of friends. Hassle to always go to the bathroom to check if your lipstick is still there. And that’s why I have always been on the look out for lippies that are long-lasting and highly pigmented. It is also very important to find lippies that hydrate your lips because no one likes chappy flaky cracked lips.

Lancome Lippies_Edited
Here are the 6 shades I found in Lancome Greenbelt. It costs P1495 each. Can you guess my favorite?
Lancome Swatch_Edited
I bought 363, 375, 373 and 493. My favorite is 363 because I can use it on my brides.
Out of the 6 colors, I like 4. So I bought 4. Haha! The shopping never ends.
Two thumbs up because I’m happy with my choices!
And it’s in the bag! I love buying make up. It’s an addiction, I tell you.
I have to give it to Lancome. Their packaging is divine. It is in my favorite color (GOLD) and some of its details are in metallic. The paper bag is thick and sturdy too. And the handle is a deep red ribbon that makes the paper bag look expensive. I love their packaging! Good job Lancome!
Thank you Lancome! Excited to use the Velours on my brides. 

Drop by Lancome and try out the L’Absolu Velours yourself. Look for Alyssa, Keith, Jenny, Maylin or Eroll. They are the nicest most helpful beauty associates of Lancome Greenbelt 5. If you want to check the availability of the color you want, you can call them at 729.9394.

Have fun shopping!








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